Praying for Children 2020

Day 1: Making Space

In the beginning there was only God. And then God said, “Let’s make space.” And God concentrated. And there was space! Space for all things to be – stars and earwigs, mountains and mangoes, leeches and beaches and naked mole rats – all things in their amazing, fantastic and beautiful diversity. Pause for thought… HumanContinue reading “Day 1: Making Space”

Day 2: Look Around

One day, the disciples were arguing with each other about who was the best. Who could run the fastest? Who did Jesus like most? Who got the most important jobs? Who was the smartest? We don’t know for sure what they were arguing about – we can only guess. Then Jesus called them over toContinue reading “Day 2: Look Around”

Day 5: Celebrate!

Jesus told three parables about losing and finding things – a woman who loses a silver coin and turns her house inside out looking for it; a shepherd who loses one sheep out of a hundred, and sets out to search for her and bring her home; and a father whose son takes off andContinue reading “Day 5: Celebrate!”

Day 7: Let’s Be Better

A day of re-creation In the beginning, when God began creating things, there were six days of bustle and buzz; six days of new things forming, flowing and unfolding; six days of energy and excitement. And so much goodness everywhere, so much delight and joy. Then on the seventh day there was a pause whileContinue reading “Day 7: Let’s Be Better”

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